The features

Price in real time across 50+ exchanges and 200+ pairs

Real time charting to compare pair values between exchanges

Responsive design, compatible with mobile devices

Access to the REST API

Widgets to be integrated in external websites


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Our motivations

The service we offer can not be free as the requirements and the ressources for the platform to work are very costly . During last January and February we have tried to offer a free service to the community supporting by ourselves the cost for hosting, development and maintenance.

Today, we can not afford to propose a such service for free, that is the reason why we propose to access to the platform via subscriptions.

Since we are not a commercial initiative, we are committed to donating 20% of subscription monies to a charitable organization, in this case St Jude, which works for the care and well-being of hospitalized children for serious illnesses

You can find all the information about St Jude here :

At this moment, we would like to know your feeling about our initiative. Developments to transform the public platform into a portal portal with personal access takes time and we only want to make these changes happen if the support of the community is sufficiently sustained.

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